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The Direct Gov website gives lots of useful advice and help on starting to drive :-  

DirectGov - New Drivers


This link leads to an online copy of the Highway code  - the rules and regulations for all road users. Reading this is always an important (if not exciting!) starting point for new drivers and good preparation for the Theory test:-


Highway Code at DirectGov


At the start of your practical test, the examiner will ask one 'Tell me' vehicle safety/maintenance question. Then during the test you will be asked one 'Show me'. 

Here you can read through all of the current questions :-


Show Me - Tell Me Questions - From 4th December 2017



These sites also have lots of useful info and helpful hints

and some free theory test practice questions  :-

This site has a lot of good information about safe driving





If you are a member of East Sussex Libraries follow this for free access to Theory Test Pro


East Sussex Libraries Online Training

Our Covid Precautions

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